LPG Turnkey Solutions

In keeping with our tradition of excellence and innovation, D.J. Batchen has developed substantial expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of Autogas stations. After all -- an Autogas dispenser has little use without an Autogas station.


We have a renowned international reputation in this area: we have designed and built stations in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh and more.


As always, we adjust to your needs. We can provide a full station solution, from the ground up. Or we can install LPG capabilities at an existing station, with our tank-and-dispenser options. Whatever your needs in this area, we can provide.


Let us know how.

To see a schematic of a site layout we can provide, including a vaporiser tank and Brugg pipe, click here.

To find out more about our vaporiser systems, click here.