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LPG Vaporiser Systems

For many applications that require a readily available source of heat and energy, the best option is often onsite LPG. 


LPG is stored as a liquid under moderate pressure, allowing this convenient energy source to be stored in a much smaller volume. The liquid can be easily converted into usable gas by the application of heat and a reduction in pressure.


This is where the vaporiser comes in: applying heat to the LPG, in order to vaporise it, ready for use. Traditionally, this is done by pumping the liquid out of the storage tank and into a separate vessel, where it is either piped through a steam bath, or heated using an electrical element.

Batchen Innovation


Recent innovation by D.J. Batchen has greatly simplified this process. Our innovative design features an internal heating system, with no external vessel to vaporise the LPG, or a second turret on the tank as a return point. These systems are therefore considerably simpler, cheaper and smaller as a result, making them ideal for underground storage in areas where space is at a premium.


However, our internal heating system is not suited to every application. In particular, this system is not designed to be used with small tanks, and is not well suited to some above-ground storage systems. For these applications, we still design and manufacture the “traditional” vaporiser models, a tried and trusted, efficient LPG vaporiser design we have been continually improving for over forty years.


All Batchen vaporisers come equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, and can be customised to suit your needs.


For more information, or to make an enquiry, please contact us. An operator’s manual for the traditional, electric vaporiser can be found on our literature page, as well as a specifications sheet for this type of design.

  • Looking for a P & ID drawing for our vaporiser tanks? Click here.

  • A general assembly (GA) drawing for our vaporiser tanks, including dimensions, inlets/outlets, and possible positions, click here.

  • For more information about our range of LPG vaporisers, or to make an inquiry, please

  • An operator's manual and technical specifications for the electric vaporiser can be found here.

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