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We have a wide range of capabilities when it comes to fabrication and machining, from pressing to welding, from grinding and finishing to CNC machining.

Our true speciality, however, is using all of these capabilities in combination. We thrive on small to mid-sized projects requiring technical expertise and featuring a variety of complex operations.

We can take your project from design and development through to completion, and specialise in small batch runs and custom materials and designs. Let us know how we can help you.

To see some examples of work we are currently producing, or to see our precise capabilities, click below.

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Industrial Impellers

For many years DJ Batchen has been involved in the fabrication of industrial impellers for use in the chemical processing industry. These are complex builds that include a variety of processes:

  • Fabrication and machining of the hub

  • Precise pressing of heavy plate for the blades

  • Grinding and finishing the blades

  • Welding the final assembly together.

As these impellers are used in the chemical processing industry, they are often constructed using exotic and unusual materials -- but we have just as much experience working with more common steel and stainless steel alloys.

The Metamizer

We have recently acquired the Metamizer: a hybrid autoclave medical waste disposal system. This is a complex machine that makes full use of our capacities:

  • High precision CNC and manual machining 

  • Complex stainless steel welds

  • Precision grinding and finishing

  • Assembly of mechanical and electrical components

This is a project that we manage from beginning to completion, in all of its complexity. To find out more about the Metamizer, click below.

Vaporiser Systems

LPG Vaporisers are a unique Batchen-designed method of safely storing and accessing LPG. When have been refining these designs for decades, and they make use of our full fabrication and assembly capabilities:

  • Small batch CNC machining runs of custom-designed parts

  • Pressure-tested welds on pipe and other sub-assemblies

  • Careful and precise assembly of machined parts

  • Hazardous area and ANZEx experience

We have designed and built these machines for many, many years. To find out more about Batchen Vaporiser Systems, click below:

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