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Introducing the MetaMizer 240SSS:


Cost Effective.

Clean and Green.


Unique hybrid autoclave technology shreds and sterilises up to 240L of medical waste  in under 15 minutes.

Hazardous waste is loaded into the machine, where it is taken through multiple cycles of shredding and steam treatment at 137°C. An efficient cutting device within our mechanical autoclave ensures the output is fully sterilised and unrecognisable when deposited into a regular 240L bin, ready for removal to landfill. All this, in under 15 minutes.

A standard 240L wheelie bin is lifted into the inlet chamber by an automated system incorporating an ergonomically safe handling device.

Our advanced cutting technology quickly and easily shreds almost all medical waste from dressings, to sharps, to food and plastics, to glass.

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The output is sterilised to a 6Log10 standard. It is fully inert, unrecognisable and reduced in volume by up to 90%. It may be disposed of to regular landfill.

An internal boiler heats steam to 137°C, efficiently sterilising the waste as it is circulated through the vessel multiple times throughout the 11-15 minute cycle.

Want to know more?

For any other information, such as technical specifications, or an inquiry about sales, please contact us, or see our new MetaMizer website.

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