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For 30 years D.J. Batchen's growth and success in the LP GAS INDUSTRY has been built on a concern to consistently provide its customers with the highest standards of service and the best of available technology in LPG. Today, we have several distinct areas of operations:


  • Automotive LPG Dispensers 

  • LPG Componentry

  • Industrial

  • LP Gas Vaporisers

  • Metal Fabrication

  • LP Gas Tanks & Pressure Vessels

  • Gas Piping Systems


A tradition of excellence and innovation

In each area of operation the company's commitment to its customers is to be a long term partner in their own development. In order to meet this commitment D.J. Batchen's philosophy is to provide:



  • Responsiveness to customers needs

  • The best available technology

  • A comprehensive service

  • Consistent quality




We are a family business, and have been for fifty years. David Batchen founded the business in 1965 to provide maintenance services to the chemical and LPG industries in Australia, with his sole employee a tradesman by the name of Doug Burdon. Doug worked for David for over twenty years, and in the process began one of many important Batchen traditions: the loyalty, experience, and longevity of our staff.


A business is nothing without its employees, and here at Batchen, we pride ourselves on ours. Our strength lies in the quality of our staff - highly qualified, experienced and skilled tradesmen; mechanical, chemical, electronic and manufacturing engineers. A diversity of experience on call for you, each one committed to meeting your needs in the most effective manner possible.

David Batchen on first day
Modern generation of Batchen engineers

Since 1991, the business has been managed by James, David's son. Recently, two of James' sons have come on staff, marking a third generation of Batchen engineers. Since our small beginnings in 1965, much has changed, and much will continue to change. We are, and always have been, a forward-looking institution. It's all in our tagline: a tradition of excellence and innovation.


We look forward to hearing how we can meet your needs. You can let us know by contacting us here.

We have service and installation manuals available, as well as certificates and approvals, for our dispensers and vaporiser tanks. If you are looking for them, they can be found here, on our literature page.

Batchen ISO 9001 Quality & Export Awards
50 years of excellence & innovation
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