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LPG Vaporisers

LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GASES are normally stored as liquids under moderate pressure at atmospheric temperature, thereby allowing a convenient energy source to be stored in a minimum volume. Subsequent conversion of the liquid to the vapour form can be achieved by the application of heat and a reduction in pressure.




BATCHEN ELECTRIC VAPORISERS heats the contents of the storage tank using electrical heating energy. It is simple, low cost means of prividing the heat of vaporisation of the liquid. Batchen electronic vapourisers are available in both feedback and feedout versions. The feedback version heats the contents of the tank using electrical heating energy. It is a simple, low cost means of prividing the heat of vaporisation of liquid.



The feedback version operates on the thermosyphon principle and is installed close to the storage tank with a recommended minimum of 1000mm between the underside of the tank and the inlet to the vaporiser. Liquid flows by gravity from the tank across the outside of tubes in the vaporiser in which are inserted electric heating elements. A mixture of liquid and vapour travels up the column and back into the top of the storage tank which acts as a vapour-liquid separation vessel. Vapour is drawn off the top of the tank from a separate connection.



BATCHEN ELECTRIC VAPORISER are designed to meet relevant Australian pressure vessel and electrical standards and conform to the requirements of AS1596 L P Gas - Storage and Handling. Flameproof electrical design allows vaporisers to be installed close to storage tanks.


CONTROL Heat input is controlled by a pressure switch mounted externally on the column which controls power input according to pre-determined limits of high and low tank pressure. An over-temperature switch is mounted in one end of the vaporiser to prevent damage to the electric heating elements if the unit is overheated due to operation without liquid.

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