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LPG Dispensers

LP Gas Dispensers for the New Millennium

The current range of Batchen Dispensers are the result of more than 35 years corporate experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance with LP Gas Dispensers. Over this period the organisation has won an unparalleled reputation for the performance, reliability and durability of its dispensing products. Today the organisation is a leading supplier to the Australian market, and a major international exporter.


This reputation has been won on the basis of being responsive to customer needs in dispenser design, and providing a comprehensive service - site design, equipment supply, equipment installation, and after-sales-support.





Key Features:

indent1Styling consistent with modern petrol pumps to facilitate matching to existing forecourt hardware.

indent1Modular design approach facilitates customisation to match specific corporate imaging requirements.

indent1Available in both single and dual hose, lane-oriented and non-lane-oriented versions.

indent1Hoses kept clear of dress panels (not non-lane-oriented versions) for uninterrupted visibility of corporate/product signage.

indent1Nozzles recessed inside the line of the dress panels (not non-lane-oriented versions) to minimise the risk of nozzles being knocked out of their boots.

indent1Compact size to optimise site utilisation.

indent1Two or more communication options available in each dispenser (Email, Gilbarco & PEC/Compac).

indent1Use of high durability materials (plated & stainless steel, high tech plastics, powder coating) makes corrosion a thing of the past.Robust frame contruction to maximise protection of hydraulics.

indent1Advanced hydraulic design provides optimal accuracy, consistent reliability, extended durability and superlative safety:

indent1Batchen meters (with option of glandless meters)

indent1Batchen Sentry 20 hose breakaway couplings

indent1LGE Gasguard "Pressure Seal" technology nozzles (1 3/4" Acme connection - others available on request)

indent1Modern electronics incorporating: the latest microprocessor technology modern Liquid Crystal displays for optimal reliability and flexability easy keypad access for reprogramming of dispenser automatic temperature compensation multi-point programming of density from keypad (or option of automatic density sensing)

indent1Optional pre-set value and/or volume to be dispensed

indent1Extended data retention in the event of a power failure

indent1Comprehensive diagnostics to assist trouble shooting

indent1Modular design of hydraulics and electronics, with easy access from both sides, to facilitate service.

indent1Maximum commonality of hydraulic and electronic components across models to minimise spares holding requirements.


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