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For 30 years D.J. Batchen's growth and success in the LP GAS INDUSTRY has been built on a concern to consistently provide its customers with the highest standards of service and the best of available technology in LPG. Established in 1965 to provide contract maintenance services to the LPG and chemical industry in Australia the company is now a substantial manufacturer in LP GAS products, exports to New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas and has many distinct areas of operations:
indent1 Automotive indent1 LPG Componentry
indent1 Industrial indent1 LP Gas Vaporisers
indent1 Metal Fabrication indent1 LP Gas Tanks & Pressure Vessels
indent1 Gas Piping Systems indent1 Steam Weeding/Thermal Weed Control

In each area of operation the company's commitment to its customers is to be a long term partner in their own development. In order to meet this commitment D.J. Batchen's philosophy is to provide:
indent1 Responsiveness to customers needs
indent1 The best available technology
indent1 A comprehensive service
indent1 Consistent quality
A consistent adherence to this philosophy has resulted in D.J. Batchen today being the major Australian manufacturer of Automotive LPG Dispensers. The company's strength lies in the quality of its staff - highly qualified and skilled tradesmen; mechanical, chemical, electronic and manufacturing engineers. A diversity of experience on call for you, each one committed to meeting your needs in the most effective manner possible with the technology of tomorrow

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